Solutions for ambitious growers.
Let the others fret!


  • “every grower want’s to live unburdend”

  • “greenhive revolutionizes plant protection and health analysis”

  • “automated drone minimize the risk of harvest loss and financial drop”

greenhive faces these dangers by providing an airborne little helper


Science Park Graz is an incubator based in Graz that actively supports new founders. The spectrum reaches from providing coaching and infrastructure to connecting the startups to a broad business network. On the 15th of November “greenhive” got successfully accepted to join the incubator. This is a big step for us and we are looking forward to working with the Team. See more about SPG

On the 25th of November we took the chance to present “greenhive” at the independently organized TEDx conference in Graz. And lets be honest as an open minded person there is no greater honor that getting to speak at TED.

The idea that we see worth spreading is the combination of 2 well established concepts. The concept of Bees and an Elephant.

See more about the Event and the other amazing speakers at the TEDx Graz

Party on!!!
We are on the AWS PreSeed Funding. This is a huge deal for us since this can really boost our progress. Now it is all about developing our first prototype!!

Our first Prototypes are in the making and our official testing-office could not be nicer. On Christians Horse Ranch we have enough secure space to do first tests of the hardware. Flight controll, sensor tests, communication tests, test autonomous strategies and of course spraying tests. Only thing that is missing is a sun roof.



We are looking for team members like Software Developers and Mechanical Engineers. Passionate about developing new ideas and in finding solutions.

Teamwork is everything!

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HTL Final Project

You are interessted to invest your time and know-how into a visionary project and to benefit by it the same time? You and your team are welcome!

Hands on!

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Greenhive is going to revolutionize agriculture as it offers the unique possibility to do precise airborne plant protection. You can invest in the future!

Together we are strong!

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Tamara Kögl-Rettenbacher // Robert Kögl-Rettenbacher // Christian Semmelrath

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